MDMC • Loud Dream EP

Last week, I wrote about producer/vocalist Phoelix in our Instrumental Insight column. On top of working with names like Saba and Noname, he is also part of the duo MDMC. With two EPs under their belt in the last half year, they released yet another project, this time a trio of loosies that they gathered up on 4/20 and released a few days later.

With one feature from John Walt (of Pivot Gang), the short and sweet EP is exactly what the title implies: a Loud Dream. It is quaking, shaking, throwing you to the ground all the while cooing you and soothing you back to slumber, where your nightmares come alive. The production on "Lucky Charms" sounds like a faraway dream with the flows switching between soulful and jagged. "Taxi Chase" resembles the artwork: purped out and slowed down. And the closing track "Grape Ape" is a lofi demo, one that comes and goes quickly. It's a stoned journey that members Phoelix and EL gladly took. Thankfully for us, they decided to let us in on the voyage.