sxxds! & Patrick Pryor: 'Somewhere Next To Vanity"

For most of us who existed at all in the last few decades, Prince was a monumental figure, his music quite literally a soundtrack to our lives and his way of living an inspiration and his passing this past week at the age of 57 has taken a toll on music lovers the world over. Last night the TheseDays team hosted a private screening of the iconic Purple Rain movie and fittingly, many have turned to the medium to deal with Prince's passing and one of those compositions manifested itself this week as Roman Flwrs and Patrick Pryor teamed up for the nostalgic nod to the Purple One himself in "Somewhere Next To Vanity".

Torn directly from the pages of the man himself, this collection is a fun, upbeat take on the kinds of sounds and aesthetics that the Minnesota native largely championed throughout his life and which have now become his lasting legacy. While we may be getting over-inundated with Prince-centric specials, re-releases and remixes, but this is a cool look at how a couple local cats interpreted the work. "Paisely Park Party" is pretty much the manifestation of a what if. That particular 'what-if' being Prince partying on the west side. Honestly? It's great for a mid-day rejuvenation, kick it to this one to burn a fast hour off that work day trying not to peek at the sun out your window.