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Photo by Rene Marban

Photo by Rene Marban

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something.

Rich Robbins • "Break From The Album (Lunch)"

Chicago native and current Madison, WI resident Rich Robbins continues to juggle college life and rap life as he prepares to drop his sophomore project All This Gold. Rich caught our attention with last year's Nimbus featuring guest spots from Mick Jenkins, Supa Bwe, Saba and others, but he's back today solo dolo. "Break From The Album" is just that. Rich steps back from recording All This Gold for a moment to go another direction and offer up this smooth Since'93 produced loosie to hold listeners over until the album drops sometime this spring. 

Rockie Fresh • "I Need"

The Night I Went To was a valiant effort from Rockie Fresh. The album was so successful that it spawned three more EP’s in the installation titled from the cities he toured in after the drop. "I Need" is the second music video released from the well received album. Rockie really brings new meaning to taking off as he soars over the streets of Los Angeles in a helicopter and even gets a brief cameo from the boss Rick Ross.

Sey & DJ Trakboy • I'm The Rapper, He's The DJ

Sey & DJ Trakboy spare no time explaining what exactly they are in their new project I’m The Rapper, He’s The DJ. The project seems to be a grab bag of originally composed music along with a handful of remixes such as Drake’s "On a Wave" and Kanye’s "Fade". Nevertheless, the duo is straight heat and continues to put on for their crew, The Dreamers.

Syd Shaw (Ft. Jah Ras) • "CACOON"

Other's on These Days have covered Syd Shaw in the past, but the release of "CACOON" is the single that prompted me to do the homework myself. Over production by Leader Lockwood and violin by Jah Ras, Syd rhymes and sings her way out of her cocoon just in time for her upcoming EP Vices. We've yet to hear any substantial body of work from Syd Shaw, but we're anxious to hear how her strong raps and soft voice pan out in a more cohesive offering. 

The Boy Illinois (Ft. Alpha) • "Back Again"

The slow build of the MarkizRey production has our attention from the jump, but when the beat finally breaks it's clear that our friend The Boy Illinois is in fact back again. Illi never really left the music world, but his time on the road with Lupe Fiasco have kept him out of the booth. For his triumphant return, The Boy Illinois and the DMV's Alpha celebrate the occasion with "Back Again", another head nodder to add to The Boy Illinois' repertoire. 

White Gzus • "Phototype"

Gzus Piece and Blanco Caine wrap up their Stackin N Mackin Vol. 3 with a brand new visual for Phototype. The video plays out as a horror feature reminiscent of a classic Hollywood slasher film. The original premise of the video and aestetic from the track work in duality for a truly haunting experience. Hit the link above for your White Gzus fix while Stackin N Mackin Vol. 4 is currently in the works.