Donnie Trumpet (Ft. Sima Cunningham) • "In Your Light"

Music lost another all time great this week. Too soon after the losses of David Bowie and Phife Dawg, the world received word this week that the seemingly immortal Prince had passed at the age of 57. As expected, considering the multitude of musicians the late legend had influenced, the tributes been flooding in. From the stages of Coachella to covers uploaded to SoundCloud, the music world continues to pay their respects to Prince. Chicago's own Donnie Trumpet takes part in paying homage by sharing a close-to-the-heart story of a lesser known Prince song that had deep impact on his life. With it, he provides a previously unreleased song with Sima Cunningham from the Surf sessions. Read the story below, and stream the song up top. 

One of my best friends and musical mentors, Maceo from the band The Omys gave me a mix cd when i was going through a tough time with a song called Donna by Prince. I listened to the song over and over in the car. I never imported the cd, could only hear it in the car, so when i tried listening to it on tour i couldn’t find it anywhere. As you know Prince’s music is pretty rare on the internet but this song was especially elusive because it was a part of a compilation album of his “unfinished” music. This was a really powerful inspiration for me after having worked so hard on Surf and still having so much material left over that didn’t quite fit but still described my vision and passion of the era of making music when putting Surf together. Songs are like poems, they’re never done.
In honor of that song and all songs like it, and the earth claiming one of the greatest humans to ever grace its land, Prince...I dedicate this to everyone who will ever hear it.
— Donnie Trumpet (Pitchfork)