DJ Earl • Reggie Sackz EP

It just didn’t feel right posting music yesterday. And since DJ Earl’s ‘Reggie Sackz’ EP dropped on Wednesday, that April date had issues of preoccupation as well. But the world keeps turning, and the internet has an appetite demanding to be fed music, constantly. Point being? 'Reggie Sackz' is an extremely satisfying juke EP from the Teklife tornado, and a project that may have flown under your radar since its release. ‘Reggie Sackz’ has a 4/20 themed concept, something you may justifiably think you’ve seen too much of at this point. Well, it's DJ Earl were talking about, and let's just say most weed projects don't sound anything like this. DJ Earl jettisons footwork’s completely minimal and ambient stylings for something a touch jazzier than usual. This is Teklife, so there’s still that footwork factory feel to it, but ‘Reggie Sackz’ plays it cooler than usual and you can feel the smoke in the air. 

Find DJ Earl's 'Live Love Teklife' project from last fall here, watch the video to 'Reggie Sackz' title track above, and pray that your squad avoids smoking actual reggie sacks themselves.