Qari (Ft. Dally Auston) • "Smoke About It"

Well, it's that time of year again, and surprisingly there haven't been hundreds of smoker's anthems that dropped today. Everyone must just be too high to record. Lucky for us, Qari prepared this cut alongside Dally Auston ahead of time. Way ahead of time. Qari has been sitting on a gang of amazing material for some time and if you've been paying attention to his post Hurt Everybody track record, he's beginning to open up a little more and bless us with his solo work. 

The self produced "Smoke About It" is an ode to forgetting or at least temporarily ignoring your problems. "Smoke about it, drink about it, I don't really think about" says Qari in the song's bouncy hook. An upbeat track, but Qari and Dally both stick with the cool, calm and lackadaisical delivery. You can almost picture them kicking back with a blunt in hand while making this record. I wasn't there when it happened, but I can almost guaranty that's how it went down. If you've been enjoying these recent releases from Qari and friends, start pestering him to release an album. I know I have.