TheMind • "Pale Rose"

Since linking up with Mick Jenkins around the development of the fast-rising MC's The Water(s) back in 2014, TheMind has become one of the most interesting and exciting acts locally or anywhere for that matter and continued keeping us hooked with another new single, "Pale Rose" that dropped today alongside a visual.

Talking a couple months ago on our Yung Creatives panel, TheMind detailed his unique journey to his current position, going in-depth as to how he creates the music he does, explaining that it took him a long time to recognize and evolve the sounds that pace tracks like this one. Produced by a heavily recognizable co-op of Knox Fortune and ThemPeople, "Pale Rose" dives headfirst into a thundering bassline that threatens to flatten the low end of your bluetooth speakers. "Who do you love, who even cares" croons TheMind, his voice feeling as though he's walking through a darkened mountain range. Occasionally coming in and out of the frenetic abyss, those now-recognizable vocals interact with the rest of the piece to create something that is nearly impossible to look away from.

The video itself is an emotional roller coaster of sorts that seems to exemplify the mundanities of the song. Shot by Nathan R. Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui, the piece moves along interestingly and has a sort of unique texture and ruthlessness to it that plays to the sentiments of TheMind's pained vocal pairing. I've typed it 1000 times, but the best videos make you feel what the song is explaining, here it's accomplished on a higher plane.