Chris $pencer (Ft. C. Rich) • "Cement"

Directed by J Krown

One of the most talked about story lines to come out of the 'Go so far in 2016 has easily been the sudden rise and notoriety of Chris $pencer, the golden age-leaning pairing of Vic Spencer and Chris Crack. The duo have been making music independently for years. Both paying their dues since before the 2012 boom when everyone became a rapper. Their direction and plan of attack really came together when they did though, gaining national attention following the release of Who The Fuck Is Chris Spencer, a proper introduction for those confused about the fusion of the two artists. 

Last night they took the stage at Thalia Hall to open for Freddie Gibbs' 4/20 celebration, but in preparation of that, the guys figured we could use a new visual. In comes "Cement" featuring fellow Chicagoan C. Rich. You ever smoke so much that it seems like you and your couch have become one? Well "Cement" is about getting stuck. Crack and Vic might be rapping about being stuck on the couch, but that's the last thing they're actually doing. Navigating the sea of naysayers like professionals, Chris Spencer is out to prove all of them very wrong this year.