Chris Crack • "Tron Harper (Lo-Fi)"

Chris Crack makes a loosie like few other artists can, with a whole grab bag of angles to approach a track from. He's a man of many sounds, faces and inspirations, but I've got to say that perhaps my favorite is the Triple-Chris Memphis-ed out Crack, taking his maelstrom of words and moving it subterranean. "Tron Harper (Lo-Fi)" revisits this slow and low time and place, and is certainly true to the second half of its name. The track is a fuzz resurrection, Chris Crack slowly and surely ripping through crackling static and looped strings, as he marinates on how to spend his free time. And how 'bout that track art, too?

Beyond this track, there's some more big news as well! Yes, Chris $pencer will be opening the sold out 4/20 Freddie Gibbs show tonight, at Thalia Hall. We can only hope that they will be sharing some Personal OG with the one and only Gangsta Gibbs. Congrats to Chris $pencer! It's a great moment to add to an already impressive 2016 for the two rappers.