Caleb James • "All Black"

You may have seen him out-and-about recently, popping up at shows, rocking a green jacket and unfettered swag that few in Chicago but members of the Save Money Army could pull off. Caleb James is one of Save Money’s less-known knowns, and based off his small but substantial work he possesses one of the crew’s most interesting voices, just one that you don’t get to hear everyday. Ideally that will be changing soon, as James has been slowly releasing music leading up to 2016’s summer season. 

His 'The Jones' project in 2013 was criminally slept on, one mixtape in a sea of trends that year, but absolutely demanding a follow up to its simultaneously retro-futuristic take on Chicago hip-hop. Despite the conflicting aesthetic, Caleb James was able to bring the two sides of 'The Jones' together for a unique project that made his voice distinct and clear. Now he's given us "All Black" 3 years later, a track with new tone but similar vibes. If "Jones" was beach music, "All Black" is Caleb James' reminder for us that he's also been working during his time off. James provides the production as well as the vocals, dropping in looming bass and fluttered claps to accentuate his underrated flow that moves with engine-powered confidence. 

It's a great time to watch Save-Money right now, as more and more members continue to take part in the come-up. Artists like Sterling Hayes, Dally Auston, and Caleb James show that Save Money's biggest strength may be a deep bench.