Ric Wilson • "Whatcha Wanna Know"

Making his biggest impact to date, Ric Wilson began gaining the attention of fans a critics alike with the release of the bright and uptempo The Sun Was Out EP. A record recorded in the summer, and an antithesis of his earlier release Penny Raps. While the energy may have changed, Ric's inspirations still remained rooted in the societal trials and tribulations that he and those around him have experienced first hand.

In his latest single, Ric teams up with 16 year old producer GrizzRivers to celebrate his 21st birthday with a bouncy anthem that likely answers any questions new listeners have about Ric. If you have questions Ric asks "Whatcha Wanna Know", but don't waste his time asking questions you already know. Following a successful release last fall and praise from hip hop legend Chuck D after opening up for Public Enemy during this year's Louder Than a Bomb festival, the momentum is working in Ric's favor. We're all very excited about watching the young emcee develop into the powerhouse we know he's capable of being.