Famous • "White Tee"

We here at TheseDays have a fairly simple formula for finding new voices and acts in and around the city. Typically, if we (I?) hear a name brought up enough times around the way, we'll get to checking it out. Such is the case for this relative newcomer, egregiously named Famous who debuted a new single in "White Tee" over the weekend.

Produced by Wonya Love, the single is an apt entrance to an act that, while fresh to the scene from our perspective, has connected with some familiar faces such as Yakub Films, who shot his video for the riveting track, "HeshGod" which made it to Elevator and served as most of our first glance. Here, Famous operates within an aesthetic he lists as 'Grunge Rap'. Seemingly the magnum opus for any kid who came of age in the nostalgia of 90s-era rock and prevalence of hip-hop dominance post-2000, Famous approaches the concept better than most and finds an appropriate supporting beat from Love that boldly underlines his heavy-handed, gritty delivery that is quick cause to pay attention in a hurry. Dem Franchise Boys this is decidedly not, rather an instance of several compelling aspects interacting fruitfully. I'll be hitting play on the next one, make your own conclusion by listening above.