SafeNSound • 'SafeNSound Presents L.A. Van Gogh'


We first met Chicago's duo of SafeNSound at our first pop-out TheseDays Radio event back in February and immediately the team here was taken with the pairing of Ambi Lyrics and L.A. Van Gogh who yesterday debuted their latest full-length offering in Lost Love Notes, a perfectly fitting entrance to a two acts we're sure to see more of soon.

When we first linked with the duo they dropped off the single "Nine ta Five Blues" before it dropped and since it's become a somewhat tradition to play the track around that part of the month when everything's paid off and life is a bit more chill. Here, the two fellow locals play off each other seamlessly, really finding themselves in a sort of sonic resonance that touches on several aesthetics while staying wholly unique throughout. The production is smooth, L.A. continues to prove real growth throughout and all in all it serves as one of the better projects we've seen hit the public so far in 2016. 

While these two have been working together for some time, having dropped their first piece together in 2013 and this project itself really speaks to the kind of confluence of sounds we've become somewhat used to here as of late. L.A.'s ability to discuss the intricacies of a relationship and dealings with a significant other while keeping things relatively light and digestable comes across wonderfully and not overly weighty despite the complicated subject matter. 

The creativity happening in the city is amazing and L.A. Van Gogh and Ambi killed it on this one. Seriously, try to not listen to the whole thing through a few times before even realizing it, like I said; smooth.