Morimoto • "That's an Interlude"

Directed by Ryan Lowry

Morimoto is as interesting as he is awesome. His instrument of choice is the saxophone, he bears a striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves and his blend of singing and rapping just may earn him an OVO deal. Owls aside, if you haven't yet dove into the discography of Morimoto, today's the day to get started. His project For Me & Ladie which was released last year on FADER is a gem, and the loosies he's released on his SoundCloud since prove he's only getting better. 

This week he gives us another piece of his newer works with "That's an Interlude". A short but sweet offering that comes paired with a music video courtesy of Ryan Lowry. Outside of the music, the biggest take away from the visuals is Morimoto's choice to pour milk into his saxophone. While this move may be in the name of art, I'm choosing to assume it's the woodwind instrument equivalent to putting a new baseball glove in the oven to break it in. "That's an Interlude" is said to be included on his forthcoming album due out this summer, which we hope will see plenty of contributions from his equally talented roommate Qari.