Famous Dex • "Choose"

Directed by Laka Films

Since his first appearance on our radar, Chicago's Famous Dex has been going absolutely crazy with the releases. From singles, to videos, mixtapes and high profile features, Dex has taken the city by storm, gaining a following quicker than most of his peers. Some may think Dex is riding the Drill wave that began picking up momentum with the introduction of King Louie and Chief Keef in 2012, and there is some truth to that statement. On the other hand though, countless others have attempted to jump on that movement with little to no success.

Famous Dex has surpassed many others and stands out from the crowd with a braggadocios energy that is simply put, captivating. It wasn't until showing up at the Lil Yachty show as a surprise guest that I was truly sold on Dex's brand. The songs are catchy and the dude doesn't stop moving! Adding to the already dense catalog of music, Dex has offered up three singles in as many days, "Flex", "So Many Bars" featuring Billionaire Black and "Choose" which you can see about. The first two tracks mentioned seem to be vintage Dex, but appear to be included in the upcoming Drippy 2 mixtape. Not too sure if these are updated or remastered versions, or perhaps Dex is just using his new found visibility to share some past favorites. Either way, we're listening. The latter of the three was initially released about a week ago and is to be featured on another upcoming project, Ohh Mann Godd Damm 2. Neither project has a tentative release date yet, but I'm sure we won't go more than a few days without learning more about the future of Famous Dex.