Sir The Baptist • "Raise Hell"

Directed by Stokes Filmhouse

Celebrating 1 million spins on Spotify, Chicago's Sir The Baptist revamps his "Raise Hell" visuals and breaths new life into the single that started it all for him. Just last summer the preacher's son and the ChuchPeople made their debut raising hell with a visual shot in Chicago featuring some of the choir scenes we see in today's offering. Reaching a major milestone in his career, Sir The Baptist felt it necessary to re-shoot his parts in what appears to be Joshua Tree National Park in California. The new set of visuals also includes some stock news footage of recent turmoil our country has been going through. The title might be "Raise Hell", but that's far from what Sir The Baptist and friends are doing. One up beat anthem at a time, Sir is spreading positivity with his music, and at least a million  Spotify listeners are hearing the message loud and clear.