Monte Booker • "You"

Since we first met producer Monte Booker less than a year ago, he and his fellow Zero Fatigue members have experienced an aggressive rise to notoriety. Monte has shared Smino's success as his exclusive producer, worked with Los Angeles label Soulection on White Label: 016, and he just concluded a short European tour alongside Smino. Working diligently and crafting a sound that is unmistakably his, Booker next move could be the one that sends him all the way up. 

Celebrating his return to the U.S., Monte drops off "You", some new production he's been working on. Booker showcases that unique flare with the use of his patented snaps and the addition of some reversed vocal samples, giving the new instrumental a fun and busy listen. Like a good movie, you'll probably have to give this a couple plays before catching all it has to offer.