Montana of 300 • "WTS Now"

Directed by A Zae Production

I don't care about the list at all, but I want Montana of 300 to be one of the Freshman XXL just because I want to see him destroy everyone else in the cypher series. One of the most fast-paced, bar-heavy lyricists in the Windy City at the moment, Montana seems to be on a neverending winding streak, constantly releasing new material to continue his climb. With his newest offering, “WTS Now”, he calms it down a bit, coating his voice in auto tune over the Charisma808 production. The single (featured below) received the crisp visual treatment (featured above) courtesy of A Zae Production. Acting as a teaser to something bigger, this song will be featured on Montana's upcoming full-length, Fire in the Church, dropping on May 6. 

Knew I was gonna blow like a grenade, I pull that pin out.”
— Montana of 300