Banksthegenius • "Put Me in Coach"

We premiered the single "FML" by Banksthegenius back in March and he's already back with more content. The vocalist/producer/engineer (who also handles artwork) decided to take a break behind the boards and focus on his voice, enlisting Minnesota producer Falls for the backdrop. The end result is the track “Put Me in Coach”, which sounds absolutely nothing like the John Fogerty baseball anthem (which I heard too much of as a child). Instead, this track highlights Banks' bars, rhyming over a lullaby of a beat, clocking in at under two minutes and providing enough condensed quality in the short amount of time that it demands a playback to make sure you caught it all. Did you? Look out for more from Banks. Something tells me he has an arsenal on his computer waiting to be unloaded. 

I want to focus on being very prolific and letting the records I’ve been sitting on out into the world. So, whether it’s my own material, production placements with other artists, collaborations, or anything in between, you can expect to hear it this year.”
— Banksthegenius