Netherfriends • 'Don't Be A Fuckboy'


Earlier this week I dug into the latest single from Netherfriends' impending Don't be A Fuck Boy project and today the wait is over as the mercurial one-man-band released the full, 10-song project comes complete with an audiobook from the man himself and acts as a sort of self-deprecating look into the world of, well, fuckboys. If you weren't familiar with the term before this project, consider this a sort of Rosetta Stone for a favored categorization of slang.

For the most part, the project is reminiscent of most Netherfriends releases: the music stays somehow centrally grounded despite flying off in various directions at a moments notice. Longtime collaborator and newfound endless tourmate Blake joins in on several tracks, lending his neutral tones to the voraciousness of Sean's wild production for a sort of welcome juxtaposition that feels like a nice escape before diving back in. While the lyrical content is a bit skeptical and certainly redundant at times, the whole thing hits a sort of existential crisis towards the end as Netherfriends makes a sort of misunderstood discovery on "I'm A Fuckboy", but that could just be a mixing of perspectives. Whatever the case, this one is interesting to say the least and if you really like it, there's an original Ninja Turtles painting by the man himself available for $30.