Premiere • Al Cheekz: "Views"

Al Cheekz is a name that has been popping up around the city with increasing frequency over the course of the last year or so. Since releasing his debut project, Beginning of Nothing in 2015, the young St. Louis product has flirted with a series of endeavors from production to DJ'ing to business ventures beyond and today he teams up with TheseDays to premiere his latest offering, "Views". This one sees Cheekz taking charge of the bars while co-opting the beat with Kal El. I've professed on several occasions to be a fan of artists that can operate on both sides of the spectrum and Cheekz does so admirably here. We caught up with Al to dig deeper into this one. Catch that below and the single above!

TheseDays • Tell us a bit more about this single.

Al Cheekz • This single is more of me experimenting with my sound, and growing as a writer. Last December I asked a beautiful girl to dinner and was rejected instantanly with out any remorse. From there I wrote this song about how as an artist Women only mess with guys for their "Cliout" or "Views" instead of their true personality. I continue to explain despite all that I'm gong to continue to grind and cut people off if they don't see the vision I have.

TheseDays • What was the thought process behind taking on rapping?

Al Cheekz • As an inexperienced rapper, I simply take one of my beats I feel comfortable with, along with a concept and start write ideas until I find a flow. For me not gonna lie this process can take a while but I'm only getting better so it's worth it.

TheseDays • What did you try to do differently here?

Al Cheekz • My first tap single "All Lit" was cool but I feel like it didn't make complete sense. With "Views" I really trying to focus more on a legit flow and meaningful lyrics you can follow. 

TheseDays • What can we expect from Al Cheekz in 2016?

Al Cheekz • In 2016 I've been taking my DJ sets and production to another level. On my last Tour "TheGloUpTour" which was mainly DJ sets, I included a live band at a few shows where I was playing Piano over a lot of my own production. This year traveling & performing all across America and receiving different reactions has been the best learning experience.

TheseDays • How has the last year been for you in terms of growth?

Al Cheekz • I'm truly just excited to watch myself grow as an artist and keep traveling. I've found my lane and want to keep improving it. My new project this May will speak for itself.