Logan Cage • Cages

Logan's on quite a run right now, often dropping multiple singles in a day, as is the case today. While none of these recent releases are intended on being on any project, Logan and producer Flight have been in an extra creative mood lately, peppering the streets with multiple loose singles over the course of the past few weeks. Unlike some other recent drops, Logan packages a three track playlist of songs that seem to carry a common theme. Perhaps it's not labeled as a proper EP, but the songs that make up Cages blend nicely, taking you on a journey from Logan's renewal as an artist in "New Me", to his problems with bae in "On Shorty" and his current aspirations to see the world in "#IWannaGoOnTour". 

The work has been non-stop for Logan and Flight as they finish crafting Logan's official sophomore release Today and Tomorrow. No release date for the new project yet, but Logan has informed us that he's making a lot of new music and regardless of how long we have to wait for the full length, the road to Today and Tomorrow is bound to be littered with more releases like this. Logan's one of the more honest rappers out there, and he's not afraid to share that. These spontaneous releases serve as a real time peek into the life of a Chicago rapper on his grind. I suggest you take a listen.