Famous Dex • "Hit Em Wit It"

A symptom of the internet-based way we internalize music these days is that you can become somewhat familiar with an act before ever truly hearing them. Such is the case for me and Famous Dex. Over the course of the last three months or so dude has popped up onto my personal radar with increasing frequency until it felt like too much to ignore and I gave in. The result has not been disappointing and here he pulls together a bevy of recent hip-hop aesthetics into one entity with his Cole Bennett-directed visual for "Hit Em Wit It".

Before even getting to the music, this video might be the perfect indication of an act that came of age underneath the confluence of ASAP, the drill movement and the generalized aesthetics of the Internet at large. Reminiscent of early Keef videos like "Don't Like" and "Love Sosa" this one is decidedly off-budget with an onus placed on capturing real moments while Dex and co show out, occasionally outlined by Disclosure-like animations. While perhaps not intentional, the feel of the visual somewhat reflects the lyrical content, which itself feels like a confluence of several styles that have garnered street plays. It's a bit all over the place, but maybe that's the point. Check out the visual above.