Saint Millie (Ft. GLC & Sarah Young) • "For Love"

When Saint Millie preaches, it's time to open your ears. A fixture of Chicago's rap scene, Saint Millie has proven to be one of the most reliable sources for tried-and-true flow, lyricism and groove. Now he's released "For Love", and while his recent string of releases has been fire, "For Love"  may have raised the bar once again.

Featuring Chicago staple GLC and singer Sarah Young, as well as local production wizard Ikon, there's no shortage of talent on the track. But Saint Millie is the star, and he's got a veteran's control on the track. All the more impressive, because "For Love" might be the most upbeat and lively track he's done yet. Thank Ikon, who's work behind the boards has been quietly wow-ing the city for a minute now.

Is all this leading somewhere? You're damn right. "For Love" is yet another reason to look forward to Saint Millie's upcoming full-length project, Adderall. Consider this your homework.