Tink • "Circle The Block"

"Circle The Block" is here, and it’s good to have Tink back. One of Chicago’s brightest stars, the city held its breath with a slightly cynical anticipation when Timbaland first began working closely with the Calumet City rapper and songstress. Fans wondered if she'd change with the new spotlight, losing her sound that drew so many followers in the beginning. Moreover, there were fears said and unsaid that she was working with names and businesses so big, they could dominate her creative choices. 

As time proceeded, it looked like there could be some truth to this. She had some great tracks last year, but  they weren't connecting to people in the same way, and it all felt distant from the city of Chicago. One ill-fated dance track and people were wondering what had happened to the Tink of yore, who’s name held weight like a kilo. Worry not! "Circle The Block" is classic tink with her new 2016 swag. The beat is produced from Timbo himself, but still has the quick and hustling vibe of a Chicago street-swag heater. Most importantly, Tink is feeling herself here, and you get the impression she could have kept going for 10 minutes after the song ended. It's intense. This one will be key for driving, lean back and circle the block to it.

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