Drea Smith • Triple Goddess 3 EP

The third new moon of the year means an offering in the form of an EP by singer/songwriter Drea Smith. We heard Triple Goddess when it first launched back in November. Full of instrumentation by the talented 2008ighties producer Sani, the three songs dealt with magical realism, sparkles of spirituality, and a beaming boat load of burning sage. “Out Your Life” sounds like throwing up a middle finger in the desert.

Now, with a new moon in Pisces, we get another installation of this praise for Mama Luna. Three more songs, again fully produced by Sani, and the known vibe dealer takes to the stars, growing organically while floating in orbit, deep in meditation. Opening track "Don't Obey" is very cosmic, with follow-up "Beyond" sounding cinematic and orchestral. The final song is synthy and smooth, a closing credits of sorts. It all works here, coming and going a bit too quickly, but demanding playback. Don't call Drea a soul artist. Don't call her an R&B singer or a pop star. Instead, call her human. Call her art. Shout-out to Classick Studios' own Kawaakari on the smooth mixes.