safeNsound • "nine ta five bluez"

More safeNsound is always a good thing. Producer AmbI Lyrics and artist L.A. VanGogh deliver with their second single off of the debut EP, safeNsound presents L.A. VangGogh. This song is particularly special as it is the first song that they worked on together. The result is “nine ta five bluez”: four minutes (on the dot) of music that might fit nicely inside your neighborhood strip club. This is sexy time music, smooth like a Sunday cruise, smooth like throwing single dollars in slow motion at beauty and lust. All of this makes even more sense when you read safeNsound's conversation with Mama Sims at Fort Knox. 

All strip club comments aside, this song properly hones in on the smooth and glitched out production from LA and AmbI, while the catchy lyrics can have you singing along by the end. The struggle is real with this one, as anyone with a 9-5 can relate to the daily routine and the mundane grind. Thankfully this song will take you out of your cubicle and into your comfort zone, be it a movie theater or a strip club, if only for a few minutes.

You are now safeNsound.  

Sometimes when I’m down and I’m low
and I feel like I can’t get through
I wanna get high but I don’t wanna get high
if it ain’t with you.”
— L.A. VanGogh