Roosevelt The Titan (Ft. Happie) • "Smooth Kitty"

We're getting to another checkpoint in the chapters of contemporary Chicago hip-hop. We'll call this time AC (After-Chance) and as locals we've been treated to an increasing wave of talented acts primed and ready for the big stage. As Saba and Mick Jenkins and the rest of that secondary wave find themselves on increasingly  larger bills it appears to be time for another class to step up. Enter Roosevelt The Titan, the 19-year-old MC who followed up the recent release of his EP, I Hate Being High with this single, "Smooth Kitty" featuring Happie and produced by none other than Mulatto Beats.

Things are a little toned down for all involved here as Mulatto sets the tone with a meandering backing that lays the groundwork for which Roosevelt applies his haphazard flow, "I've been trapping out the school because the line too long." The best part of doing what we do over here at TheseDays is watching tangible growth and here you can really feel it from Roosevelt, an act we've personally followed for a couple years now. The bars feel somehow more full, the concepts better developed, and it all comes together to keep us wanting more. Check out "Smooth Kitty" above.