Knox Fortune • "Seaglass"

I've been waiting for this moment for quite some time. At the end 2014, as an assignment for Viper Magazine dealing with artists who never leave the studio, I interviewed Knox Fortune and Papi Beatz at LPZ Studios. Knox was a new intern at the studio, Papi had yet to get the face tat, and they both played me numerous unreleased tracks. Some by Njomza, some by Leather Corduroys, but what struck me the most during that interview was hearing unreleased solo content from Knox Fortune. Perhaps surprising most of all was his voice, a voice I had yet to hear at that point, a voice that you would have trouble finding online (you can find it here and here). Thankfully, quite some time later, and with signficantly more attention his way, Knox decided to let loose his first solo track “Seaglass”.

Complete with his own singing and production, the song sounds like the first day of summer. How fitting that he dropped it on the first 70 degree day in Chicago in 2016. Sounding more like Islands than SaveMoney, more Panda Bear than "Mexican Coke", this new track has me hype as hell for Fortune's upcoming LP, which remains high on the list, alongside iiiDrops, Joey Purp's solo tape, which Fortune is executive producing. 

If you need more info on Knox Fortune, be sure to head over to Novrealis for an insightful interview as led (with original photography) by Sam Schmieg.

And the sky’s red as a peach
when I’m walkin’ down the beach,
Drag my fingers through the sand
Lookin’ for a little piece of the sea glass.”
— Knox Fortune