Netherfriends & The Dutchmaster • "Do That Dance"

First off, 'Netherfriends & The Dutchmaster' sounds like an amazing mid-90s sitcom from Kevin James. That or some mid-60s made for TV crime partner movie. That out of the way though, it's actually the confluence of two of the city's more nuanced production minds as two consistent favorites come together here for a new single in the form of "Do That Dance" that hits the streets Monday. 

While Netherfriends might have moved on to warmer pastures during the skin-thickening of the winter months, this one arrives with a pair of acts we've kept our eye on for awhile and is a fresh look at both. Inspired by seedy nights out to the club and the antics that follow, this one builds on recent releases from The Dutchmaster that have popped up with welcome frequency and braces us for what may be yet another Summer of Netherfriends. Prepare yourself with this one above.