LivFree (Ft. Golden) • "March 4th" + Q&A

Two artists from The Region (the section of the Chicago metropolitan area that spills over into northwestern Indiana) connect for "March 4th". While LivFree is fresh on our radar, Golden is someone that goes back years with many members of our staff. If you're not familiar with him from his days as the frontman of Mike Golden & Friends, you're for sure familiar with his contributions to Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's album Surf. Though this record features a bit different of a Golden than we remember from years past, it's an evolution of a direction we've seen him move towards in the last year. We're in a time where the lines between singer and rapper have blended into a blissful medium. With acts like Anderson .Paak, Bryson Tiller and Russ to debut to an indecipherable difference, Golden's new wave might have arrived right on time. 

While the song's title coincides with its release date, the collaboration has been a bit deeper of a meaning and has been a while in the making. I had the chance to catch up with Mike to get the inside scoop about how it came together. Read the Q&A below, and for more from these two be sure to check out Golden's most recently release in the Donnie Trumpet assisted "No More" and LivFree sole single "Evolve". 

I really enjoyed the new collaboration, how did you and LivFree get connected?

Mike Golden: Yeah man, thanks a lot. I caught a performance from her at a local skate shop and I really dug her performance. I just could really tell she meant what she was saying. I told her if she ever wanted to collaborate I'd be down, she asked me to come thru Soundscape for a session and March 4th happened. I loved her hook and first verse so much.

Awesome. Then did the song title simply derive from the release date, or was there more of a story there?

Mike Golden: So the title was always a working title and started with May 4th because that's the day Liv wrote her part. After I added my part and we brainstormed ideas, the fact of keeping a date as the title and actually able to have it have dual meanings was really cool. March 4th also means to march on, keep going, you might be down sometimes but not for long... march fourth.