Sir Collins • Ready Or Not EP

Sir Collins is looking to be in a class of his own. The sharp tongued rapper has followed up his Disconnected EP with Ready Or Not, a project that continues being awesomely different. The EP dropped last week, with Sir Collins leaving a crater in the ears those of all those listening.  Higher energy than his last project, Ready Or Not is a party in the shadows with a hell of a host. Sir Collins has complete confidence in this project, staying true to his sound the whole way through while still covering wide territory.  

Production is top-notch, with a killer crew of beat-makers; Boathouse, Mulatto Beats, Martin $ky, plus sick work from the lesser known but very impressive T-Jay Beatz and Lord Alpheus. On top of all that is Sir Collins and friends guiding the way, idiosyncratically gruff with leveled up verses and a gift for hooks. One listen and it’s clear that Sir Collins has been ready for his name to start ringing. If you're ready for something true, Sir Collins crazy Ready Or Not EP is the answer to your prayers.