Ali (of New Kingz) • "SHINE"

I learned about the trio New Kingz through producer Glassic. The artists have numerous songs together, all of which impress, and I've been trying my best to pay attention to the movements of all ever since. More recently, New Kingz member Ali released the single "SHINE" with producer Dougy. Glassic and Dougy? It's obvious that an ear for production is a large factor of the formula for New Kingz. Also, #bars.

On "SHINE", Ali rhymes and flows over the production that continues to progress throughout, sounding something like what I wish Cudi was still making. Complete with artwork, mixing, and mastering by Dougy, this song is just as much his as it is Ali's. That being said, the two do wonders together, sculpting a three minute hip-hop track that fits nicely into this cold week in March.

Lately, mama, I’ve been in the wrong but I’m out here tryin’ make it right, now.
Just a West Side n**** from the ‘Go, in his glo, out here shinin’ like a lighthouse.”
— Ali