Mick Jenkins • "The Artful Dodger"

We haven't received a proper project from Mick Jenkins since his Wave[s] EP back in August, but he's been holding our attention with constant tour dates and loose singles scattered throughout. He made his way on Kirk Knight's album, he severely dissed Vic Spencer over a Kaytranada beat, he released a split single alongside theMIND with production from THEMpeople, and he even reworked the viral track “On the Map” with help from BadBadNotGood.

Now, with the announcement that he's putting the finishing touches on his debut album [which may or may not still be titled T.H.C. (The Healing Component)], he gives us the song “The Artful Dodger”. With production credits from Kaytranada and THEMpeople, as well as a sample from BadBadNotGood, this song feels like a culmination of everything Mick's been working on this last half year. The song packs a punch, with enough bass to blow up your car, yet enough lyricism (“Ran into a couple Harvey Dents before”) to beg for headphones and a notepad. If this is a loose single, I can't imagine what the album will sound like. Shouts to Sam Schmieg on the artwork.