Dally Auston • "These Days"

Directed by Brandon Holmes

"These Days". Love that name. Dally Auston brought the heat a few weeks ago with that track, a dark, lyrical funhouse that the Save Money artist ran amuck in. Regardless of title bias, it's a great track, and one that was very welcome after a bit of a hiatus that Dally Auston broke this winter. It's been good times for fans ever since, with multiple solo releases, and a feature on Mojek's fantastic EP. Now we can throw a video in the mix, and one might guess that Dally is gearing up for something.

Could it be his upcoming 'Roses' project? All signs point to yes. It's been in the making for a minute now, but you can rest assured we're moving closer and closer to it's release. At the bottom of the "Roses" video, you'll find one sentence in the description; "[ROSES won't be detox]". 'Nuff said.