Chris Crack • "Off My Line"

Directed by Born Ready Films

Chris Crack just dropped a big release that all fans will be glad to see; the visual to "Off My Line", a personal fave in the massive Chris Crack library. If you haven't heard the track yet, it has all of his usual pointed tongue twisters, but over an unusually heavy beat from Timothy TRTL with southern swing. Seeing no reason to let that carry the track, Chris Crack matches the intensity with every bar. 

If this at all sounds appealing to you, there's a great opportunity to see him perform live tonight at The Whistler in Logan Square. Him and Vic Spencer will be performing together as Chris Spencer. Their recent project 'Who The Fuck is Chris Spencer?' should answer any questions regarding their capabilities, if you're wondering. Doors at 9:30, and it's completely free. Details here!