Netherfriends • "Don't Be A Fuckboy" & "Another Song About Fuckboys"

Netherfriends is a man that loves themes. Whether it's Seinfeld, trippy Vines, water colors or whatever happens to come to mind, he's seemingly always in line with some sort of pattern. Lately, it's been the nuisance that are fuckboys. In the last few days alone we've received a pair of songs on the subject: the instructional "Don't Be A Fuckboy" featuring Blake and "Another Song About Fuckboys" both of which will be on his album dropping tomorrow titled, well, Don't Be A Fuckboy. 

While the song titles are clear messages against the plight of fuckboys, it seems like a loose catch all for general dickishness. When he lived in my attic a few summers ago Netherfriends used to have several signs hanging around the rafters with the words "Don't be a jerk" scrawled on them in blue paint. It seems as though this particular batch of tracks is somewhat of an outgrowth of that sentiment. It's hard to tell where this is all going. "Another Song About Fuckboys" is a general middlefinger to the "fuckboys of Chicago and Los Angeles" that "All wear the same shit" before going on to explain "we're all the same". It's Netherfriends in his element for sure and appears to be on the same road that had some local feathers ruffled after several diss tracks on his Logan Square album. Stay tuned for the full project coming soon.