Lil Durk • "If I Could"

Directed by Joe Moore

Politics are on everybody's mind right about now, including Lil Durk's. And while a lot of professional talking heads have been flapping gums on urban decay and renewal from hundreds, thousands of miles away, Lil Durk is a product of that environment who's found success against all odds. "If I Could" is Lil Durk's reflection on that fact. It's a visual shot by Joe Moore in a church, with clips of history-changing black leaders in pain and protest. "If I Could" is a solid track from Durk, with quality lyrics and looming production from C-Sick. There was an adjustment period for his sound after fame hit him hard,  but this song is one for older fans who embrace his grittier trappings.

On top of that, he's got an announcement as well. That's right, Lil Durk will be releasing his LilDurk2X mixtape on May 1. He's already released 300 Days 300 Nights and Remember My Name since last June, and I wouldn't be surprised if 2X will be his best of the bunch. It seems there isn't much Lil Durk can't do nowadays.