Kweku Collins (Ft. Jamila Woods) • "Ego Killed Romance"

Over the last few years, I've spent plenty of hours sitting in on sessions at Soundscape Studios. The studio's name had always intrigued me, I liked the idea of it: a sonic landscape. Last week, while getting an early listen of Kweku Collins' upcoming album Nat Love in the Studio's B Room, I felt myself enter one for the first time. Helmed by Collins himself alongside fellow Closed Sessions producers oddCouple and Boathouse, the project's production is truly profound. Each track pulls you into a new world of sound, sometimes at a whirlwind pace, other times a gentle drift, and guiding you through with a blissful balance is Kweku.

The latest and last preview of Nat Love comes in the from of "Ego Killed Romance." With assistance from label-mate Jamila Woods, whose working on a manifesto album of her own, the Closed Sessions stars shine bright on the outer space themed record. Enjoy it up top, and get ready to hear a lot more on Kweku Collins here at These Days. My biggest advice before Nat Love arrives April 8, find some good speakers.