Max Wonders • "Utopia"

Produced by Latrell James, "Utopia" is served up as Max Wonder's second official single from his upcoming full length project Hues to Blame. The Chicago native has been sharing his time both at the Crib and out west in warmer climates. For Max, the time spent outside of the city limits has been beneficial to him. Leading to tour experiences and new inspiration for some of the best music we've heard out of Max yet, I'd say the move was in his best interest.

Following up the eight track EP You Will Never Find which found its way onto our "2015 Chicago Albums of the Year" list, the bar for Max is set high, but we have no doubt in his ability to deliver. Taking a hard right turn from the more angry and aggressive "Grow Up", Max slows it down a bit and conveys some more peaceful vibes with "Utopia". Like the title suggests, Max takes listeners on a trip to paradise created by someone special. Easing the stress of growing up, any good woman can create a utopia for her man, and it seems like Max is enjoying his.