Homme • "Woman"

Directed by Maren Celest

Last November, the ladies of Homme gave us a their wonderful self-titled debut EP. In the time since, the duo, comprised of singer/songwriters Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham, have found their home on stages. After beginning their year on a tour that brought them through Carolinas, Atlanta, New Orleans and more, Homme returned to Chicago for a series of unique live events. In February, they participated in the coveted sessions of both Audiotree and Sofar Sounds, and then in March they played a free show along Daniel Knox at the Virgin Hotel Chicago. 

Today, they return to the digital realm with a new music video for one of the project's standout songs "Woman". Director Maren Celest does a fantastic job creating contrasting aesthetics that correspond perfectly with the track's transition sonically from the angelic to the chaotic. Read the band's perspective on the video below, and see Homme live on May 21st at The Hideout.

The video was inspired by fluid imagery and the movement of water,” the band explains. “[Our director] Maren Celest concocted scenes ranging from dark and ominous to bright and intense much like the song itself to give the videos world this see-sawing sensation. There’s this sense of frustration that builds through the video, of trying to communicate a message through different environments, or the feeling that the air around you has no interest in carrying your voice. There is anger, and eventually, release.