Famous Dex • "I'm Paid"

Directed by Cole Bennett

Famous Dex, talk about an effective cup of coffee to geek up your morning. The Chicago rapper and walking art project has an undeniable X-factor, with flows and dances that meld into each other. He's been rapping like there's nothing more enjoyable in the world, blurring the line between hook and chorus until his music is 100% catchy. How can you deny a contagious attitude like that? Famous Dex is a fun dude to the core, and his music approaches this attitude like a philosophy. Clearly it's working for the fans, who Famous Dex has been acquiring faster than he can release Youtube videos, recently.

"I'm Paid" is one of my favorite Famous Dex tracks, bouncy and lighthearted. No minimum wage for him, Famous Dex has money on the mind and time on his hands. A laptop, too. Him and director Cole Bennett head downtown to flash some cash and technology amid the rat race, grooving across the sidewalk and perhaps catching some jealous side-eye from those in their midweek duldrums. Don't you wish you could hit the lab sometimes, too? Escape with Famous Dex, listen to "I'm Paid".