Trapo • 'SHE EP'

Trapo has been a name that's popped up with increasing frequency over the last year or so. Having essentially put Madison hip-hop on the map singlehandedly, the ridiculously young MC returned Saturday with a follow up to 2015's The Black Beverly Hills EP, releasing the nine song SHE EP. While a few tracks long of a typical EP, the drop serves as Trapo's introduction to 2016 and seems to mirror the growth and development we've seen from the young man in recent months.

Th best part of getting on an act like Trapo early is that the initial rough-edged, raw parts of his music that at first glance endears listeners to him are now growing and evolving, almost in real time. Here, there seems to be a deeper resonance to the words he chooses, a more strategic understanding to his baritone vocals, an added thoughtfulness that permeates deeper than earlier releases, and rightfully so. At this age, in a time when music is produced and distributed at a fever pitch, this project also serves somewhat as a diary entry, with songs titled "She Moved On", "Cruise Control" and "Chicago". The latter of those makes a brief connotation to TheseDays' show at the Chop Shop late last year that saw Trapo, WebsterX and more make their initial Chi-Town stage appearances. The Mind also makes an appearance, rounding out the 'Go's influence on this one.

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