Supa Bwe (Ft. Mick Jenkins) • "Breakfast & Chill"

We may have missed out on Potion(s), the Hurt Everybody and Mick Jenkins collaboration that disappeared into the ether along with Hurt Everybody themselves, but the work between Supa Bwe and Mick Jenkins hasn't ended. Both being busy individuals, Supa and Mick cut the shit and get right to the point in "Breakfast & Chill". No need to attempt to mask your intentions by adding Netflix mix, when you haven't seen bae in a minute there's no time to waste.

Continuing his steady stream of new content, Supa Bwe continues to build anticipation around his forthcoming solo release Down Comes The Spaceman. We can't confirm if this new release will make the project, or if it was initially meant for the aforementioned Potion(s) and there is really no reason to speculate. Like many creatives, Supa stays in the studio constantly and even if there was a tentative track list created yesterday, it could potentially be changed already. Supa's creative process can be compared to a stream of consciousness, nothing is guaranteed to be on any project until that project is released. Regardless of its final destination, Supa and Mick always make for a fun combination and "Breakfast & Chill" is no exception. Give a spin, or two, or three, and hope for Down Comes The Spaceman to arrive soon.