BJ The Chicago Kid (ft. Kendrick Lamar) • "The New Cupid"

Cupid has called it quit folks. After centuries of work, the man with the magical bow and arrow has chose the club over love. While I have a suspicion his decision to retire is somehow connected to the music currently coming out of Atlanta, our very own BJ The Chicago Kid is here to pick up where Cupid left off. In the video for BJ's Kendrick Lamar-assisted single "The New Cupid", we see what the (former) mythological matchmaker, embodied by Hannibal Buress, has been up to since hanging it up. The track is just one of the many songs housed on his latest album In My Mind that holds it down for all the lovers out there. Enjoy the video up top, and be sure to give the new album a listen if you haven't yet.