Amare Symoné • "Break of Mind"

Making her debut on These Days and in my speakers, the California born, Brooklyn bred and current Chicago resident Amare Symoné sent us "Break of Mind" and it immediately caught our attention. With only two tracks in her catalog prior to this release, Amare is brand new to the artist community in Chicago, but her experience as a vocalist goes back to her childhood. Perfecting her craft for years, Amare steps out onto this fairly new platform prepared to captivate listeners in a way more common with seasoned acts. Her music still has to go through the vetting process, but "Break of Mind" like her previous releases shows great promise. 

The song itself breaks down common societal perceptions that true love just isn't out there anymore. In the words of Amare, "Break of Mind" is "for women who are outspoken, ambitious and comfortable in their own bodies to know exactly who or what they want. It is a song about being young and ambitious and meeting someone who is as fly and determined as you are." Regardless your gender, I think many can relate to finding that special someone who highlights your strengths and helps to resolve your weaknesses. Produced by NversivE and mixed by Jabari Rayford of Soundscape Studios, "Break of Mind" provides a crispy instrumental behind Amare's powerful voice.

Keep up with Amare on Twitter and Soundcloud for all the latest news on her music, but rest assured if she keeps coming with tracks like this, we'll continue to listen and we'll continue to be inspired to write about her journey.