Murph Watkins • "Open Book Freestyle"

It's been a minute since we last heard from Murph Watkins. The Chicago MC has been somewhat quiet, save for a few loosies here and there, but yesterday a new visual eeked it's way onto Facebook and honestly I wouldn't have caught it if not for some bored scrolling late at night. Perhaps by chance, the discovery of this piece seemed to gel with the general vibes of the song and the visual at large. 

Here, we follow Murph on a stroll through downtown as he ruminate1s over his recent progression. One of the most consistent voices from the city in recent years, Watkins seems to arrive at this point reinvigorated, ready for something new and the crispy visuals do much to underline his points. I'm personally excited to see more from dude, this open book is certainly worth reading.


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