ZenZan • 'Zendiana Jones'

Something has been budding ever since neonpajamas crossed paths with Chicago producer ZenZan. The mysterious librarian and behind-the-scenes beatmaker first got together two years ago for a story on the Mishka Bloglin. Somewhat cut and dry for the most part, there was a particular piece of the Q+A that piqued Ben's interest, something ZenZan mentioned; a tactic he employed. During the back and forth it was uncovered that ZenZan preferred to make beats inspired by movies. Ben being the purveyor of funky beats that he is went ahead and made the whole thing happen and today the pair offer up Zendiana Jones.

"When i first interviewed ZenZan back in 2014, he told me that he watches movies on mute and makes instrumentals that match the scenes he's watching. ever since, we've been talking about doing instrumental EP for The Fifth Element, James Bond, and Indiana Jones. He decided to start with Indiana Jones, so all seven of the instrumentals on the EP were made on his iPad while he was watching the trilogy on mute."

It's a true treat and one that'll take you back to the days when Harrison Ford was playing roles for the first time. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more dynamic pair when it comes to the production side of things than neonpajamas and ZenZan and the pair came together to create something pretty dope here. In other news, this marks the 10,000th project that Ben has been a part of in the last year! Not really, but dude is certainly putting in work. Check out the project for yourself above.