Wil Akogu • "Buried Alive"

Directed by Liam Trumble

Recently the suburban bred Wil Akogu released his five track EP, Language of the Soul. The project opened with a lengthy intro, something that painted a vivid picture in listener's minds. As if "Buried Alive" wasn't already illustrative enough using the sonic platform alone, Wil and director Liam Trumble took to the woods to shoot a short film that brings the track to life even further. Looking adversity dead in its face and overcoming it, Wil takes his metaphorical journey of going against the grain and offers up a literal expression with scenes of a young man fighting to overcome an oppressive force. Wil's project is something you'll want to listen to straight through if you haven't already, and like the project's intro, the visual for "Buried Alive" feels like it's just the beginning of the story.