Netherfriends • "Caroline"

It's been a minute since we last connected with our old friend Netherfriends. It appears his time back on the road during the cold months in Chicago have provided him with a somewhat adjusted outlook on things as he takes his sound in slightly different direction on his latest single, "Caroline", a song that dropped ahead of the release of his upcoming mixtape, Don't Be A Fuck Boy, which is due out March 31. The release will be the eighth album we've seen from the one man band in the last year. We've seen releases like 808 and Harp Break (with a harp by Yomi on every song), I MADE THIS ALBUM WITH MY VOICE (where he only uses his voice), and Logan Square (a punk/beef album), which seemed to burn plenty of bridges around the Chicago indie rock scene.

While we heard the past singles, "Fuck Boys Never Glow", "You Should Stop Dating All These Fuck Boys", and "Fuck Boys Are Everywhere", this new track "Caroline" is noted as being a song "not about fuck boys". Instead, Netherfriends crafts a love song for his woman. It's great hearing a simple ditty where Netherfriends is happy, confessing his adoration for Caroline. This is his catchiest number in quite some time and I hope to hear more like this in coming weeks/months/decades.